Blogging for the Boss: Corporate Blog Writing

By Nicole Laidler

From the MagNet brochure description, I expected this seminar – Blogging for the Boss – to be about the ins and outs of writing blogs on behalf of corporate clients.

Instead, presenter Eli Singer, president of Toronto digital culture and communications agency Entrinsic, spent most of his time promoting a blogging project his company has undertaken on behalf of Rogers TV, and Entrinsic’s proprietary Social Content Optimization system.

Sound technical? It was. Sure analytics are important, but most of the information went right over my head.

Singer defines a blog as “anything published on the Internet.” This includes Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube videos. The common denominator is the public’s ability to comment, subscribe, and share.

Social media is “living, breathing marketing,” a “branded footprint” with a blog at its centre. When asked if a writer’s blog should be part of a business website, or stand alone, Singer seemed surprised that any writer would bother with a website when they can have a blog. To me, this highlighted a lack of understanding about the business of writing. Would he advise Rogers to abandon their websites in favour of blogs? I doubt it.

There were, however, a few practical tips in Singer’s high-tech speak.

When working with a client:

  • Find out what they hope to achieve with their blog.
  • If they use analytics, find out what is already working and build on that.
  • What do they need to change?
  • Decide which medium is most appropriate – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, a blog? Where are the clients they want to reach?
  • Develop an editorial schedule.
  • Push out content, and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

If you blog-for-pay, how did you land the gig, and how do you manage client expectations?

Nicole Laidler is a freelance journalist and copywriter, the owner of Spilled Ink Writing & Wordsmithing, and a member of the PWAC London & Southwestern Ontario Chapter executive.

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